About Alex Nibley

Alex Nibley is a communications generalist with experience in a wide and varied array of communications and storytelling forms. He has worked professionally in theater, opera, ballet, film, television, documentaries, periodical publishing, books, interviewing, advertising and multimedia.

The common thread that has remained consistent through all the media and genres in which Alex has worked is that he has maintained a persistent focus on the core problem of communication: How do you connect the thoughts and feelings of one person with another person? How do we influence, persuade, move and create connection with each other through media?

Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the University of Utah and a Master of Fine Arts from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. In addition, he spent two years in close contact and training with master Screenwriting teacher Frank Daniel, with whom he developed the initial concept for a multimedia tool to teach Frank’s famous Film Analysis system.

Alex is the father of six children, grandfather to two, and an undeservedly lucky husband to Junalee Jarque.


7 thoughts on “About Alex Nibley

  1. Just reread your article “Vote LDS” in the June 11, 2007 City Weekly. I loved that article then and I still enjoyed it when I read it again last week. I appreciate your well thought out comments and historical recount of events. I always appreciate an honest account of events, despite an discomfort it may cause. Thank you.

  2. Hi Alex. Martin Daniel advised your book Good Stories Well Told to me and I loved it. Do you have any idea when 2.3 and 4 will be published? Looking forward to them very much. Kind rgards, Simin

    • Simon, thanks for you comment. I’m trying to get the second volume out in January, hopefully in time for Martin’s presentation at Sundance. That will include the information on structure, character types, adaptation, and other stuff as well. The third and forth volumes I hope to have out within the year. Those will focus on apply Film Analysis to the writing process.

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