No, Most Actors are Not Divas

Photo of actor Clea DuVall

I did one day of shooting (acting) on the set of the movie Your Right Mind last week. I did a scene with an actor whose face you would recognize even if her name doesn’t ring a bell. After getting up around 4 o’clock for a 5:45 a.m. call, it was just starting to get light and it was bitter cold. Every time the door of the diner where we were shooting opened (which was often) a blast of arctic air hit us. The actor in question was clutching her prop — a pot of hot coffee — to help warm up her bare arms.

I said, “Do you actually have to go outside at the end of every take? Out in the cold in a short-sleeve dress without a coat?” She said, “You know what, there are worse jobs I could have than one where I have to go out in the cold for seven seconds. I’ve waited tables for real. This is better.”

Although the stereotype of the pampered starlet makes better tabloid headlines, I find this actor’s attitude to be much more representative of most of the professionals — actors and crew alike — who work in the film industry.

When you hear all those stories about spoiled Hollywood divas, remember there are a whole lot of real pros out there who are very good at what they do and glad to get a chance to do it. For some reason we don’t hear their stories very often.

The actor’s name is Clea DuVall, a class act and a really good actor.


One thought on “No, Most Actors are Not Divas

  1. Great points. I’m surprised that there can be that many divas seeing as most actors work their arses off to get into the film industry and spend many years waiting tables or other very low paid jobs. They then spend all their spare time working their arse off on a set usually for no money.

    All the actors I’ve worked with have been amazing and willing to go that extra mile if it means the perfect shot.

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